Brian Landis Folkins


Brian is a self taught juggler who has been juggling and teaching juggling for the last 12 years. It was at what was once known as The Store of Knowledge that Brian won the job of a “Front Door demonstrator” which basically meant he got to play with toys for 6 hours a day as people walked in and out. He also worked at the infamous Casa Bonita in Denver, CO as an Entertainer & cliff diver where he learned how to juggle fire. Some of Mr. Brian’s other skills include: Balls, Pins, Sticks, Contact (single ball juggling), Diablo (Chinese Yo-Yo), Balancing objects on his face such as chairs and ladders, and the spinning plate. He had the great pleasure of using most of these skills while on Roller Skates in Arvada Center’s Go, Dog. Go!. After touring for One year with Kasier Permanente’s Educational Theatre Programs, Mr. Brian started teaching at The Denver Center Theatre Academy where, 11 years later, He & his assistant Mr. Cane are still legendary. He is also a Master Teacher at Denver’s JCC where he performs in Denver Children’s Theatre shows and facilitates post-show workshops. Mr. Brian has taught various juggling workshops in Denver, Boulder & across the US.  He has worked on the streets as a Busker; In the corporate world as an atmosphere performer at special events & private parties; And has an extensive background in clowning, mime, & slapstick.
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