Brian Landis Folkins


Brian had his first acting role on stage at the age of six. He has been actively pursuing his career as an actor ever since. Over the last decade, Brian has appeared regularly in many of Denver’s most notable theaters. While experienced with creating dramatic characters, Brian is particularly adept at comedic roles. Since 1993 he has supported himself as an entertainer by acting, juggling, and teaching. As a character actor, Mr. Folkins is noted for his extremely broad range in creating diverse and believable personas. He has brought this talent to the screen in over fifty short and feature film productions. His work as a producer and still photographer has broadened his experience on film sets and provided his in-depth understanding of the film production process. Along with his great many talents, his commitment and professionalism, Brian’s enjoyable, fun, and friendly personality has led producers of stage and screen alike to call him back time and time again.

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